Restoration Works

Flâneur ao Centro residency (2021-22)

Phillips embarked on his residency by delving into the works of architect Ernesto Korrodi and his contributions to the Leiria region. Korrodi was influenced by restoration movements that adopted a scientific approach to the preservation of historic monuments and devoted his career to their study and reconstruction. Phillips was drawn to this concept of restoration, which emerges as a recurring theme throughout his project.

The exhibition's photographs further explore the central ideas of Korrodi's architectural practice, such as structure and ornamentation, surface and depth, and expressionism and abstraction. For instance, a collection of images created by layering photographs of tile designs and architectural fragments produces composite images where decorative patterns intertwine with formal elements of the photograph.

Phillips employs the notion of the Flâneur as a method for navigating his research and responding visually to his encounters, thereby shaping his experience of the city.